Vehicle Sandblasting

Blast Restoration Offers Mobile Vehicle Sandblasting Services

Blast Restoration, with our mobile service, comes to you to provide vehicle sandblasting. Whether your vehicle has a rust issue or you want to remove its paint before trying a new colour, we can get the job done quickly. We also have the space to handle larger vehicles such as trucks. Don’t let rust continue to eat away at your car one more day.

Statistics on Abrasive Blasting in Auckland You Need to Know

Abrasive blasting is suitable for many applications apart from protecting cars from rust and removing their old layers of paint. The process has been around for hundreds of years, and our team has experience in using it in various industries. Some of the interesting facts about abrasive blasting include:

  • While most know it as sandblasting, the actual material used can vary based on the requirement. Many classic car enthusiasts use crushed walnut shells to remove rust and old paint as they are less likely to damage the underlying metal. Plastic and glass can also be used for different effects.
  • The growth of mould can lead to health issues for those susceptible to respiratory illness but merely cleaning the surface might not get it all. With our mould remediation, it can be removed entirely.
  • Another use of abrasive blasting is to prepare surfaces for repainting or other work. We can even add or remove texture from concrete.

Why Trust Blast Restoration Regarding Automotive Media Blasting

Our customers trust us with their media blasting needs because of the years of experience we have performing blasting work in various industries. Media blasting can be a messy and hazardous job when performed by amateurs, so this experience can be vital in getting the job done right. Here are a few of the ways our experience can help your job go smoothly:

  • With the sand or other media shooting out at high pressure, blasting can be messy even for us. However, we have the experience and equipment to minimise this issue and leave the area clean after the job.
  • We are always careful to prevent damage to the underlying metal when sandblasting. Here, our experienced hands come into play again. With the great variety of work we have performed in multiple industries, we know when to stop and move on before causing irreparable damage to the metal.
  • Rust can be especially pernicious with vehicles, especially when exposed to the salty air and surf driving on beaches. To protect your vehicle after we have sandblasted the rust away, we offer underbody rustproofing in Auckland. Removing the rust alone won’t prevent it from returning.

Why Customers Should Use Blast Restoration

Customers come to us to both save their corroded items from further rust and save time. Removing rust without sandblasting can be a long and challenging process using caustic chemicals and a lot of elbow grease. Instead, give us a call, and we can remove your rust problems in a fraction of the time. You will be delighted to receive your car, ready to apply a new coat of paint without worrying about further corrosion. Contact us today if you want to get rid of the rust for good.

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