Rusty Chassis Rail Auckland

Blast Restoration Can Sandblast Your Rusty Chassis Rail in Auckland

Blast Restoration brings our sandblasting to you with our mobile services, and we can handle your rusty chassis rail in Auckland. Rust, when left unattended, can eat away at your vehicle’s chassis rendering it unsafe to operate. Instead of using caustic rust removers and hours and hours of elbow grease – we can blast the rust away quickly, leaving you with a rust-free chassis ready for painting.

What You Can Expect From Blast Restoration Regarding Chassis Sandblasting

When done right, there is no better method of removing rust than sandblasting. However, when performed by amateurs, it can be incredibly messy and even lead to damage to the underlying metal. Thankfully, in the hands of our experienced blasters, this isn’t an issue. Here are a few of the things you can expect when you come to us:

  • We cannot eradicate the mess involved in sandblasting, but our experience has taught us the best ways to minimise this issue. When we come to you for sandblasting, we will clean up the grit and sand when we’re finished.
  • The experience we have gained performing sand and other media blasting in multiple industries gives us an edge in dealing with every new job that we undertake. We have handled issues like yours before, and that helps us deal with it faster and more efficiently.
  • All our contracting professionals are compliant with licensing requirements and are fully prepared to tackle even the most complex of projects. We stand by the exceptional quality of our work. Our blasting experience covers many different industries, handling insurance-related restoration. We remove anything from fire damage to mould, and we dedicate our efforts to saving time and money by providing exceptional service at affordable prices.

Little Known Facts About Chassis Blasting

The sandblasting process involves blasting a stream of abrasive material under high pressure at a surface to remove rust and paint. It can change the texture of a surface and even remove contaminations such as mould. A few facts to keep in mind about sandblasting include:

  • While the name sandblasting is commonly used, the actual abrasive material can differ depending on the job. We often use plastic media on fibreglass, plastics and even some soft aluminium. Walnut shells are a particular favourite of classic car restorers.
  • Sandblasting can be used to clean large structures such as the golden gate bridge and the hulls of ships.
  • The microscopic dust that results in blasting can be hazardous for health; hence, we make sure to use all the required safety equipment.

Why Blast Restoration Chassis Rail Repair is Cost-Effective

Rust can be a tenacious enemy for car owners, doubly so for those with vintage cars. When rust goes beyond the surface, it can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the chassis, rail and all. When this happens, you can be in for costly repairs or even a full replacement of the rail. With our sandblasting, your rust problems will disappear, and once you protect the area from further corrosion, it will stay away. If you are ready to get rid of the rust on your car’s chassis, contact us today.

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