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The right provider of mobile blasting in Auckland makes good results easy when you need to strip away old coatings and remove contaminants from a large vessel or surface. Other scenarios can call for sandblasting services, too: remedial efforts to salvage an object after a fire or removing a dense covering of mould from porous surfaces such as concrete. If your vehicle is looking worse for wear as a result of years of accumulated rust, sandblasting is a quick way to make those surfaces look shiny and new again. At Blast Restoration, we do it all. From carrying out restoration work to very high standards under an insurance scheme to auto blasting in Auckland, we have the equipment and know-how required for a job well done.

The Benefits of Sandblasting in Auckland by Blast Restoration

You don’t merely have to take our word for it, however. Why should you choose to partner with our team when you need a professional to sandblast an old surface in preparation for a new coating, or to remove troublesome contaminants? Some of the benefits we’re able to provide to our clients include:

  • Access to experience across a vast number of applications and industries. From concreting to automotive work and beyond, our broad understanding translates into the outcome.
  • A mobile service combined with the convenience of a physical location for times when on-site blasting is not ideal, such as with automobiles. Whether you need us to come to you or you’d rather stop by and see us, we have options ready to suit everyone.
  • Better results — every time. Our experience with this equipment ensures that we use it to generate the best results we can. That means a surface free from the contaminants that troubled you before.

Key Questions to Ask Blast Restoration About Autoblasting in Auckland

Even if you want to put a vehicle through sandblasting in Auckland, it’s natural to have some concerns before beginning the process. After all, you’ve already made a significant investment in your vehicle — you don’t want to make a mistake that could inadvertently lead to more damage. Before you begin, why not call us and ask some of the following questions?

  • How long will this process take? Many car and truck owners cannot spend too long without their vehicles, so it’s vital to gauge the timetable.
  • How will you protect sensitive areas of the vehicle, such as the windscreen, from damage during the blasting process?
  • What can I do to the surface after the blasting process is over?

About Blast Restoration

A new player in the industry, Blast Restoration is a highly versatile business with flexible capabilities that can scale to meet a variety of needs with ease. Dedicated to high-quality results and attentive customer service, the Blast Restoration team’s skills are a valuable asset. Find out more about how we offer top-notch auto blasting services or request a site visit to assess the job at hand. Contact us now for help.

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